Source control

SupertTuxKart uses git for source code, and SVN for data files.

Game core

The core code repository is hosted on our github page. Example clone command: git clone stk-code It is about 130 MB in size.

Data files are hosted on sourceforge and use SVN. Example checkout command : svn checkout stk-assets It is about 650 MB in size.

These two repositories should be downloaded in the same folder, so that folders "stk-code" and "stk-assets" are next to each other.

Media repository

The media repository is not required to play the game. It contains the source files for assets (blender files, lossless music and sound files, etc.) and is meant for artists. It is around 1.5GB in size.

The media repository is hosted on sourceforge and uses SVN. Example checkout command : svn checkout stk-media-repo

Also see the Media repository page


Here are some guidelines for developers who have write access to git/SVN. These guidelines may change over time, esp. if we get more developers working at the same time, and if we get closer to a release. The development trunk is considered to be pretty unstable (though see below for guidelines). Some of the recommendations are done based on the fact that there are not many developers, but many people "play-testing".

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