Below is a list of possible ideas (including long-term, pie-in-the-sky ones). For an overview of the main planned features, please look at the Milestones page. If you want to work on any of these items, please contact us, so that we don't have several people working on the same thing.

The ideas listed here are all long-term goals and require quite some work. So if you're willing to work on one of these, then that's really great, but you'll find easier task that require less work at our bug tracker.




Game play


See Planned features for Antarctica.




Track Editor

3D Visual Art

Support for Profiles

It would be nice if different profiles could be supported. I.e. the user can select a profile at the beginning of STK, and gets all settings, challenge progress, key bindings etc for this profile. This can be useful e.g. to have one profile which has unlocked all challenges, one profile for optimising challenge points, or one for friends, guests, perhaps one for multi-player (different key bindings) ... There is some thinking necessary on where to store the profile:

The current preference is the first approach, though there are some things to be aware of (e.g. prevent different user from using the same profile at the same time, might need file locking, ...).

Automatic Updating

That would be a nice, 'professional' feature to have. Note that this isn't necessary on linux.

Mini Games

While this is already listed on the somewhat optimistic Milestones page, the concept of this is quite different from a normal racing game (e.g. the AI would need to be aware of other goals, ...).

Eye/ear candy

Some eye/ear candy could include:

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