Scripting is used to provide all kinds of fun in-game interactions. If there's anything special you want to happen based on some event (Kart smashing into another kart, driving over a big red button, hitting a wooden box with an explosive cake), then scripting is just the thing for you!

You can use AngelScript for scripting in version higher than 0.8.1. If you to learn how to add your own scripts, you should refer the AngelScript documentation.

Examples can be found here

Development notes can be found here

Scripting API

The API can be found at

Triggers for scripts

Action Triggers

Action Triggers are point based triggers with a radius. Think of it as a big bubble that pops when you enter it, triggering some action. This is probably the best method of triggering location-based events. By default the trigger is disabled right after it is activated. They can be activated or deactivated as you wish, using other scripts.

Relevant Methods:

createTrigger(name, location, distance) // Create a new trigger at the specified 3D location.
enableTrigger(name) // Enable a trigger
disableTrigger(name) // Disable a trigger

On Collision

Collision-based triggering revolves around providing collision based interactions. Several different types of callbacks are defined.

At present the different callbacks are

void onKartObjectCollision(int idKart) // for collisions between karts and track objects
void onItemObjectCollision() // for collisions between items and track objects
void onKartKartCollision(int idKart1, int idKart 2) //for collisions between karts

To detect collision between a kart and a physical object (track object), the "oncollision" property should be defined on the object in the scene.xml file, containing the name of the scripting function to call

// scene.xml
<object type="movable" id="TestObject" ... model="TestObject.b3d" oncollision="onTestObjectCollision"/>
void onTestObjectCollision(int idKart, const string obj_id)
    // ...

On Start

Start-up scripts will run exactly once, during the track loading process. As such, they are ideal for setting the initial states of any animations, creating new action triggers, etc.

void onStart()

On Update

WARNING : Inefficient. Use sparingly.

Update scripts will keep running throughout the race and as such, will cause performance issues if used carelessly. They are ideal, however, for testing out scripts during testing. Whenever possible, these scripted actions should be moved into one of the other types (most probably the action-trigger driven type) so as to improve performance.

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