This policy describes which data SuperTuxKart will collect, and how this data is used by the developers.


If you do not enable internet access

No information about you will be collected or used. Obviously you will also not be able to install addons, receive news messages, ...

If you enable internet access

You will be able to download addons anonymously, and will receive news which is shown in game. We collect anonymous information about which addon was downloaded to generate statistics about addons. While we do not store any information about you or your computer directly, our web server (as most other web servers) will log your IP address, and which pages you access.

If you allow us to collect HW information

In this case your computer will send anonmymous configuration information to our server. This information includes hardware specs of your machine (e.g. available RAM, graphics card, os / distro), and graphics related driver information (driver, driver version, supported opengl features). This information is stored on our server, and available for anyone to browse at It is used by us (and potentially by other developers) to evaluate which opengl features can be used without making a game unable to run for a majority of users.

If you use an STK online account

We will store the user id you have specified, your email address, an encrypted hash of your password. The email address will only be used to verify your account (and prevent that we get spammed with 100's of account creation requests), allow you to reset your password. We will only use this email to contact you in very important circumstances, for example if we suspect that our server was hacked and your (encrypted) password might have been exposed, or in case of an update of this privacy policy if appropriate. It will not be shared with any other project, nor will it be used for any non-emergency communication (like news, or advertising). We will also store in-game achievements, your list of friends, and votes for addons.

If you distribute addons using our addons manager

In this case your email will be used to contact you about any problems related to your addons. Our web page has its own bug tracker for addons, and you will get notifications about any bugs reported for one of your addons.

Future Usages

We intend in the future to also collect information about how often each track and kart was used in game. This information will be anonymous, and will be used by us to decide which tracks and karts might be included, replaced, updated or removed in the future. We will not send out a specific notification to all users when we start collecting this information (in order to minimise emails send to you).

Contacting us

In case of any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us on the developer's email list: supertuxkart-devel at

Updates of this policy

SuperTuxKart may update this Privacy Policy, so please review it periodically. If necessary we will use the email address associated to your account to inform you of the updates if appropriate, and also give you the opportunity to opt out. If you keep on using the SuperTuxKart servers after an update to this policy, it will constitute your acceptance of the new policy. Note that this wiki will keep a history of all versions of this policy, so you can review any changes anytime.

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