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New look!

Here is a try at a new look for STK's website, based on wikimedia. Hopefully it will be good enough.

--Coz 17:40, 11 October 2007 (PDT)

0.3 Release

Finally the 0.3 release of SuperTuxKart is ready, which offers a lot of new features. The most important ones:

  • highscore lists
  • fullscreen support
  • a new track: The Island
  • a new character: Hexley
  • a new penalty: a bomb
  • two new Grand Prix (a volcano and an island Grand Prix)
  • using OpenAL to reduce sound effect latency
  • improved user interface
  • improved AI
  • new documentation (including a cover for a DVD case) in English, German, and French (available as separate download)
  • MacOSX support
  • bugfixes

The history of SuperTuxKart summarises the major development stages.

We are looking for people helping us to make this one of the greatest games ever:

  • Artists for new track- and kart-designs
  • Musicians for background music
  • Sound engineers for sound effects
  • Developers to tackle the long todo list (see wiki for details)
  • Packager to create RPMs for different distributions --> Web masters and moderators to maintain and improve the web page and the wiki
  • Testers to test development versions and release candidates
  • Writers to write documentation, man pages, in game help entries, news entries, ...

... and more. We are sure that you can help us, so please contact us on the development list by sending an email to supertuxkart-devel at supertuxkart-devel at

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