There are several ways SuperTuxKart can be installed. The easiest solution is to use a binary (which are supplied for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux), but it is not complicated to build STK yourself from either the latest stable sources or from the cutting edge SVN.



Windows (XP and above)

Download the latest binary from our Download page. It comes with an installer. It is recommended not to install a current version of SuperTuxKart on top of an existing installation - though since 0.6 you will only get some warnings, which you can safely ignore.


For GNU/Linux you can see if an up-to-date package is available for your distro - depending on distro try:

In case your distro does not have STK in their repositories, you can always try to download the binary tarball from the STK Download area, then unpack tar -xjvf supertuxkart_bin_x86_linux.tar.bz2 cd supertuxkart-0.7.3

and finally run STK: ./

MacOS x

Build from source

Getting STK sources

Pick either stable or development version. The latter has the latest features and fixes but might also have new bugs.

Stable version

To compile the stable version, you can download source code tarballs from the SourceForge downloads page.

Latest development version

To build latest trunk, check out the sources using Subversion on Unix (Mac OS X, Linux, etc.):

 svn checkout supertuxkart-code stk-trunk

On Windows, use TortoiseSVN with following URL:

Platform-specific compile instructions

After picking stable or SVN version, choose your path depending on your operating system:

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