A lot of people want to see SuperTuxKart going on steam greenlight. Here is a summary of the situation and our research on how to that properly.


What would we gain by submitting to greenlight ?

Steam is a platform that allows people to easily download, try and buy games. It's one of the biggest gaming communities, this would bring more visibility to SuperTuxKart.

What are the requirements for Greenlight ?

Basically there is an entrance fee of $100, all the details are in the official FAQ.

Is there any incompatibility between GPL license and steam ?

No, there is several games already on steam that use the GPL as a license. For instance the FPS Warsow One of the main issue is that would not be possible to use Steam API, which means for instance we can't use Steam Achievement system.

Can we submit a work in progress game ?

To quote greenlight FAQ

There are two categories in Steam Greenlight: One for mostly-finished games seeking distribution via Steam and one for early builds and concepts that are simply seeking feedback from the community. You can choose the right category for your title when you post.

SuperTuxKart would be submitted as an early build.

What are the pros and cons



What would be the right time to announce that ?

Probably at the same time as "minor" update. Due to the work involved into this, we should probably avoid to do it at the same time as a major release (like 0.9 was).

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