GSoC 2014 Server Side

A moderating/administration panel has to be developed and needs to be nicely integrated with the user panel of Moderator roles will need to be created along with a permissions system to allow certain user managing actions.

An in-game report feature to report cheaters (as well as patched servers) should also be added. The stkaddons website should then list (for the moderators with the correct permissions) suspicious servers that can be looked into.

Something similar to the latter was suggested for addons. A very simplified bug tracker so that users can report that an addon is buggy or isn't compatible with a certain STK version. The maker of the addon should then be notified (not for every single report obviously) and have the chance to commit revisions. If the addon is in a buggy state for a long specified time it should be removed from the addons repository.

Integration with both the game client and the website is the main goal and restructuring of the current stkaddons code base is highly encouraged. It would be nice to have regression testing for the newly added features in the form of unit testing. If time allows this could be expanded to full coverage.

Exposing some additional statistics on the pages under would also be nice. For example, we don't have any statistics on monthly addon downloads (the clients.php page only reports on all file downloads each month, which includes news.xml and similar regularly updated files making the numbers less useful), and for online mode being able to see the total number of servers and players could also come in handy. Thinking of additional statistics to add is encouraged.

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