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Download for XP
Download for XP
* [ SuperTuxKart 0.8.1]
* [ SuperTuxKart 0.8.1]
* [ Torrent (Alternative download for bad connections)]
Torrent downloads for people with bad connections
* [ Torrent]

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SuperTuxKart 0.8.1


Download for Linux:

Download for specific distribution:

  • Distro Ubuntu.pngUbuntu Linux: Our static binary is suitable for Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10, 64-bit
SuperTuxKart 0.8 is also available in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 backports:

Ubuntu 12.10: sudo apt-get install -t quantal-backports supertuxkart
Ubuntu 12.04: sudo apt-get install -t precise-backports supertuxkart

You may alternatively use this PPA

  • Distro Arch.png Arch Linux: SuperTuxKart can be installed from community repository (pacman -S supertuxkart)
  • Distro Gentoo.png Gentoo: SuperTuxKart 0.8
  • Distro OpenSuse.png openSUSE: SuperTuxKart 0.8
  • Mageia.jpg Mageia: A supertuxkart 0.8-package is in the official repository. Use urpmi --auto supertuxkart (Or download 0.8 from

Download for specific distribution:

Note: we don't officially support distribution-specific packages, but we will check if bug-reports for those packages are general if we are made aware of them.

Note: it's hard to keep track of every package available out there; if you know of one that is not listed here (and is up-to-date) please contact us!


Download for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or better:


Download for Vista/7/8:

Download for XP

Torrent downloads for people with bad connections


  • Freebsd-logo.png Install instructions for FreeBSD (ports collection):
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/games/supertuxkart/ && make install clean
To add the package:
pkg_add -r supertuxkart

STK 0.8 on FreeBSD ports collection:

  • NetBSD.png Install instructions for the NetBSD Packages Collection (pkgsrc)
 cd games/supertuxkart
 make install clean-depends

STK 0.8 on the NetBSD Packages Collection:

  • Openbsd-logo.png Install instructions for the OpenBSD packages system
 sudo pkg_add supertuxkart

STK 0.8 on the OpenBSD packages system:

  • Pc-bsd-logo.png Install instructions for PC-BSD (PBI package)
 PBI software is easy to install. You simply find SuperTuxKart in the AppCafe and click it to install. 


Source Code

Download source code:

How to build from source:


SuperTuxKart 0.8 comes with an addons manager, so you can download additional karts and tracks in the game. Just click on the Add-Ons button in the main menu of STK to install add-ons


Latest Development Version

Though not supported by the STK team, Linux users may download the Nightly Build at

See Installation#Build_from_source

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