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Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NcomputeGPRanksDataThis class is only used in computeGPRanks, but the C++ standard forbids the usage of local data type in templates, so we have to declare it outside of the function
 NGUIEngineContains all GUI engine related classes and functions
 NPrivateIn an attempt to make getters as fast as possible, by possibly still allowing inlining These fields should never be accessed outside of the GUI engine
 NSkinConfigSmall utility to read config file info from a XML file
 NUserConfigParamsContains all parameters that are stored in the user's config file
 NVSVisual studio workarounds in one place Note that Visual Studio 2013 does have the maths functions defined, so we define the work arounds only for compiler versions before 18.00