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Here is a list of all modules:
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oAdd-onsHandles add-ons that can be downloaded
oAnimationsThis module manages interpolation-based animation (of position, rotation and/or scale)
oAudioThis module handles audio (sound effects and music)
oChallengesThis module handles the challenge system, which locks features (tracks, karts modes, etc.) until the user completes some task
oConfigThis module handles the user configuration, the supertuxkart configuration file (which contains options usually not edited by the player) and the input configuration file
oGraphicsThis module contains the core graphics engine, that is mostly a thin layer on top of irrlicht providing some additional features we need for STK (like particles, more scene node types, mesh manipulation tools, material management, etc...)
oGuiengineContains the generic GUI engine (contains the widgets and the backing logic for event handling, the skin, screens and dialogs)
oGuiengine/WidgetsContains the various types of widgets supported by the GUI engine
oInputContains classes for input management (keyboard and gamepad)
oIoContains generic utility classes for file I/O (especially XML handling)
oItemsDefines the various collectibles and weapons of STK
oKarts/controllerContains kart controllers, which are either human players or AIs (this module thus contains the AIs)
oKartsContains classes that deal with the properties, models and physics of karts
oModesContains the logic for the various game modes (race, follow the leader, battle, etc.)
oOnlineRepresents a server that is joinable
oPhysicsContains various physics utilities
oRaceContains the race information that is conceptually above what you can find in group Modes
oStates_screensContains the various screens and dialogs of the STK user interface, using the facilities of the guiengine module
oTracksContains information about tracks, namely drivelines, checklines and track objects
 |oPhysicalObject (script binding)Type returned by trackObject.getPhysicalObject()
 |oMesh (script binding)Type returned by trackObject.getMesh()
 |oAnimator (script binding)Type returned by trackObject.getIPOAnimator()
 |oLight (script binding)Type returned by trackObject.getLight()
 |oSoundEmitter (script binding)Type returned by trackObject.getSoundEmitter()
 |oParticleEmitter (script binding)Type returned by trackObject.getParticleEmitter()
 |\TrackObject (script binding)