I am unofficially the grammar checker on this site. I check for grammar and spelling mistakes on the pages and add stuff to make it easier to understand stuff.

I would create add-ons for STK if I had e-mail but unfortunately I don't. Therefore I look after this side of STK and try to enjoy it. I would of course love to make add-ons and images for the greatest game in the world (this is my view and not necessarily yours) but for now I'll work on the web.

Professionally I make comics and in my spare time code video games on Blender. I live somewhere near Vancouver BC (Canada for those who don't know this) and live a relatively peaceful life... OK forget the poetry.

Currently, due to work and school, I am unable to work on this site. But once I have enough free time I'll correct it once again. Please, beat me to it. The more grammar checkers the better.

I "joined"* STK on Sat 25 Aug and happily continue to edit when I have spare time. STK is my favourite game and I personally love playing, editing, wrecking, adding to and watching STK. I assume that's allowed, right?

Long live STK!

happily writing,



I've moved this discussion over to User_talk:Hero which I think is a more appropriate location for it. Thanks. Hero

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