This page lists all official fictional locations, companies, etc. for SuperTuxKart Please don't add anything here if you aren't an official member of the core team. We don't want a complex story or a 10k page scenario.
Keep in mind: We aren't an RPG



To make things more interesting we need a fictional universe that is credible. Of course we aren't a RPG. It won't influence the gameplay, it's only for immersion. It's important to have common things among tracks and the overworld.

SuperTuxKart takes place in a fictional universe. The tracks and the overworld are in a planet similar to earth (except for XR591 which is located on Mars, STK Enterprise in the solar system, and Nolok's castle on the volcanic planet Venus). There is no real location in SuperTuxKart but track environments are inspired by real ones: example. Las Vegas will become Las Dunas, with the famous "Welcome to Las Dunas" neon sign. Of course things should be parodied to make something fun.

These names should be used in signs, advertising, etc.


A Location != a Tracks (isn't equal to). A track is a racing circuit that takes place in one or more fictional location.
For instance the track Hacienda will take place in the desert Alma Perdida, inspired by the real Nevada desert. In Alma perdida you have a Hacienda named St Margarita and a city, Las Dunas. Minigolf takes place in Las Dunas.


In the STK universe there is a lot of corporations, organizations, etc. They will be used for fake advertising posters or just their names in their products.


See this page: tracks

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