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A bit of history

In the old days of gaming it was impossible to compute perfect lights for all pixel. All intense computation were done for each poly and then extrapolated to the pixel inside the poly.

But nowadays modern engines like stk uses per pixel light. So the most complex part isn't the vertex shader but the pixel shader. Let's take this example with an object that has ~500 polygons Basically for the GPU managing a vertex is maybe ~10 instructions (it's not the exact number, just to give you an indication). For each poly of your model the computer will do ~10 instructions, 500 * 10 = 5000 instructions

Now, the pixel part. It will depend on how many pixels will be took by your object, but let's go for a worst case scenario let's assume the whole screen is filed with your object For each pixel to compute (the light, the gloss, the normal map, etc) it will take let's say 50 instructions to the gpu if you have a resolution of 800*600 (most people have higher resolution).

800 * 600 * 50 = 24000000 instructions So even if you double the amount of polygon you won't affect too much where the vast majority of the power is spent. It's on pixel not on poly anymore.

Thus we can increase the polycount without too much troubles. However it's important to keep its under control.



Track guidelines for the official packages

Kart Guidelines for the official packages

Final notes on inclusion into main or add-ons


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