Story mode

This mode is largely based upon the adventure modes of Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing, so having played these games may help understand



Story mode would replace the current challenges screen with something nicer and add a little storyline to make challenges more interesting.


We first add a first initial screen where players select their identity, then everyone can have their own progression.

It then all starts with a "story mode" button on the main menu.

If they select to start a new game, they are asked to select their identity from the list of players and to choose a kart.

Difficulty handling : I can think of 2 ways


After that, a very brief introduction is played with a simple storyline being introduced Some running story ideas include :


After the intro, and maybe tutorial, the player is placed in an overworld, located in the STK fictional universe


As you can see, tracks are grouped by theme and also by difficulty (easier tracks are closer to the start)

I propose to have 2 challenges for each track, AND a challenge for each GP. Then in the end one challenge to beat Nolok.

The GPs would be :

GP 1

  • olivermath
  • farm
  • shifting sands
  • northern resort
  • subsea

GP 2

  • zen garden
  • jungle
  • Scotland
  • hacienda
  • the island

GP 3

  • black mansion
  • tux tollway
  • snow peak
  • solar system
  • shiny suburbs

GP 4

  • minigolf
  • lighthouse
  • XR591
  • mines

Whether to do it in 2D or 3D is to be decided. I would prefer 3D but then we need someone to make it, and it's harder to update when things change.

Or we could have a kind of cinema: each door has a poster (e.g. with screenshots of the 3-4 tracks or so), and a rating, like G, PG, - better perhaps: 3+, 5+, ... (3 year old, ...) ).

Or you need a license to be allowed to enter the next section of tracks (so you would have to finish the easy selection first, and you could get this license after 3 out of 4 challenges, or a certain number of points).

Perhaps we should also consider that the 'doors' (or whatever) don't hide a track, but a challenge - so you could (potentially) have the same track twice with different challenges - either from one area, or even in various areas. That might actually be less boring (it's 40 degrees outside, and I have to finish 4 snow tracks today).

I still have the idea of automatically creating the overworld. E.g. the player could drive into a castle (intro sequence, explaining the player is searching for the superkart/missing princess/...). You find a long corridor with doors, most of them locked. Behind each door is a round room with 3-5 doors leading to different challenges (as noted above). If you get enough points (or solve enough challenges, ...) in the challenges of one room, a wise 'jinn' (ghost out of a bottle) appears, telling the player that the next door can be reached. Perhaps the player is trying to reach fulfillment ... in form of a super kart ;) This kind of scenario could easily be extended, by just adding more doors. This would allow us to package up STK addons by combining a few new tracks with some challenge specification, and just make the corridor longer. [/hiker]

At the start of the world would be the garage. The player starts there, and could come back there to change kart.

There would be spots on the overworld where a challenge can be played. At first only a handful of them would be available, and not all areas of the overworld may be available at all. How to determine which challenges can be played is open to discussion. Ideas :


We need more challenges. In the end the player should have played all tracks and all GPs.


There is no intent to support add-ons on the overworld. Add-ons would remain available for single races.

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