Music and sound effects general specifications


Music should be in ogg/vorbis format (.ogg extension), support for mod files has been removed. Try to keep the music file size under 2 megabytes. We want most music to be light-hearted, but it is required that the music isn't 'aggressive' (we want to keep the game's ambient mostly happy). Also it's generally better if your song can loop smoothly (for track music)

Also, please embed inside the file:

The music file format

If you want to test your music in game, modify the track.xml files in .../data, and add (or replace) the name of the .music file you want to play. Here is an example of .music file :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<music title    = "Sky Vibe - High Frequency"
       composer = "Speedsound"
       gain     = "0.5"
       file     = "SkyVibe-HighFrequency.ogg" />

The entries for title, and composer are used to display the name of the track and the composer in the game. The ogg file is the actual music file. The gain parameter is a volumne adjustment (here 0.5, means half volume)

At startup, STK reads all .music files from

To test new music in STK just create a .music file (in the same directory as the .ogg file), add the tracks in which this music should be used, and add the path to this directory to the SUPERTUXKART_MUSIC_PATH environment variable. To add the list of tracks, use a space separated list of track identifiers, e.g.:

<music title    = "Sky Vibe - High Frequency"
       tracks   = "farm olivermath"
       ... />

Just remember that music is picked randomly, so the new music might not be played every time.

Sound effects

The format should be .ogg. If they are positional they should be mono

Try to keep the sound effect file size under 30 kilobytes.

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