Here a list of the planned features for the next upcoming releases. Developers, add a feature to a milestone only if you plan on working on it yourselves, and remember to discuss it first on irc or the mailing list.

Note that the list and the items are subject to change. They certainly depend on what contributions we get from new developers. For example, if we get a patch for a feature planned for a later milestones, we will certainly include it earlier.


Currently Planned Milestones

Release 0.9.2

Release 0.9.3

Major points

Minor points

Those are points we would like to get implemented, but we might not have enough developers to focus on that. So the points listed here would be ideal tasks for new developers (since otherwise they will most likely get postponed).

Release 0.9.4

Release 0.9.5

Release 1.0

Finished Milestones

Release 0.9.1

Release 0.9

Release 0.7.3

Release 0.8

Release 0.8.1

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