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The Wiki

The STK website is based on MediaWiki and as such is easily editable. You must register to edit pages, and several pages are protected (only editable by developers) to prevent spam, but to allow the help from people outside of the development team, several pages can be modified by any registered user. However, if you have been involved with STK (you are a known contributor), just ask for privileges and most likely you will get them.

Style Guide

Page content should be simple, with HTML used only where absolutely necessary (for example the downloads page), and unless a page is special in some way, content should be laid out in a simple header-content fashion. It should also appear like the rest of the site. We want consistency.

If you just want to try something out, you can simple use the Sandbox.


Top-level headings should be level two: == Heading == (Level 1 headings are used for the page title). Sub-headings go up a level: == Heading == Content === Sub-heading === ==== Sub-sub-heading ==== Content

Code Snippets

Code snippets can be put in <code> tags to mark them up as code: Code snippet Beware that whitespace inside <code> tags is preserved; any spaces or line returns inside the tag will be rendered. This means when you're pasting in lists of commands or lines of code, you don't need to put <br /> tags after each line.

Creating a new page

To create a new page enter in to your browsers URL box this text string:[the name of the page you wish to create]. It will bring you to a site asking if you want to create this page.


It is possible to translate the pages in this wiki. It was decided that only the following four are translated into other language because only those target users:

To translated a page, simply create a new page with a Language: prefix, e.g. French:FAQ, and fill it with the translated content. When you finished translating, link the new page at the original page by adapting the link to the french translation.

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