Installing the tools

Making karts or tracks for SuperTuxKart will first require you to install some Blender scripts.

Note that you generally need to use the exporter that matches the version of STK you are currently using (you cannot use exporters from 0.6 to create tracks for 0.7, etc...)


Locate Blender's scripts directory

First you need to locate the scripts directory of Blender, where everything will go

Getting the scripts

SuperTuxKart 0.9.1 users, you can a version of the scripts suitable for this version here :

Users of the latest development version, you will need 5 scripts :


Finally, remember to copy the stkdata folder to the scripts/addons folder along with the scripts.

Find the latest versions in our media repository

Installing the scripts into Blender

All of these .py files may simply be added to Blender by placing them in the scripts directory mentioned above.

Then open Blender, and click on menu File > User Preferences. Go to the Add-Ons tab. Enable the following scripts :

Blender scripts1.png
Blender scripts2.png

After having done so, click on 'Save As Default at the bottom of the window so that you don't need to do this every time.

Important note

Blender stores settings in each .blend file; this means that if you open a .blend file that was started before you enabled the plugins, you will need to go in preferences for that particular blend and repeat the steps

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