How To Use Story Mode

How To Play STK : Story Mode

What Is Story Mode?

Story mode is our challenge system. Through it you can race tracks and win to unlock features and other challenges.

If you start story mode you will get to the OverWorld. If you look at the minimap, you will see icons here and there on it. These are challenges you can complete. You can click on them to jump to that challenges rough location.

The ones with locks on them are locked. The ones with the challenge icon are unsolved and unlocked challenges. Ones with a cup are solved challenges.

You must enter the bubble that contains each challenge orb and podium. Press fire when it says so and the game will pause. A menu will pop up asking what difficulty you would like to play the challenge at. Select one and play! Follow the instructions and you may win.

There is also more information for Story Mode here.

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