A lot of people want to see SuperTuxKart going on steam. Here is a summary of the discussions about problems, opportunities and technical details.


What is steam and how does STK get there?

Steam is a platform that allows people to easily download, try and buy games. If a game without a big publisher wants to be listed on steam, it has to apply through steam greenlight. Once game has reached enough support, it will be greenlit and can be published on steam just as any other game.

The main requirement to apply for greenlight is an entrance fee of $100. The details can be found in the official FAQ.

Pros and cons



Legal Issues

Steam and the GPL

Generally, there is no problem with having GPL licensed games on steam, and there already several games on steam e.g. Warsow.

One of the main issues is that it is not possible to directly use the steam API, because the GPL forbids linking to non-free libraries ( The steam API provides for instance access to the steam achievement system.

One approach to this would be creating a seperate binary that commucates with STK over the network. Ths would legally work if the distribution with the second binary doesn't count as modified version. See for details.

Submitting Supertuxkart

SuperTuxKart would be submitted as an early build and the games section. The submission will propably happen at the same time as a minor release. Due to the work involved into this, we should probably avoid to do it at the same time as a major release.

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