GSoC Unit Testing

Unit Testing

Often only our testers find out problems days or weeks after changes are introduced. A very simple example: any bugs that affect only a fresh start (i.e. no existing config files) of SuperTuxKart might go unnoticed for a long time.

This project is about creating unit tests for SuperTuxKart and/or the addons/online server. Obviously there are some complications with a game like SuperTuxKart:


Obviously you can use existing testing frameworks. Nevertheless this is probably the most complex suggested project. Before making a proposal for this project you need to do some good research to find out what can be done, has be done by other (and can be reused), and what is simply not possible. For example, errors in shaders might be impossible to test (unless you read back the rendered result and deal with potentially not bitwise identical results). For gui objects a screenshot would not be necessary, if instead the position and size of all widgets is compared. Still, it would be nice if in case of errors a screenshot could be produced which allow manual inspection if there is a problem or not.

Expect to touch a lot of STK code in order to be able to cover a significant part with unit tests. This is certainly not a project for beginners.

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