More Details about GUI Improvements

SuperTuxKart's GUI is based on a heavily modified version of Irrlicht's GUI. This task will require you to implement additional widgets in C++, including support of your new widgets in our self-written XML based specification. Some of the tasks will contain significant coding parts outside of GUI as well. The most important issues which need to be improved:

Starting Point

The GUI engine is contained in src/guiengine and src/guiengine/widgets; all menus are specified in XML files in data/gui with corresponding code in src/states_screen. On the doxygen page there is a detailed description of the GUI engine.


For the new GUI screens (e.g. GP saving, replay) and newly designed screens a proposal should contain a mockup (more or less anything is fine here - hand drawn images, ASCII pictures) - just so that we can judge how your proposed screens will look like.

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