Artist Debug Mode

From version 0.7.1 on, SuperTuxKart contains a hidden track debugging mode packed with features to make it easier for artists to make tracks.

Before starting, let me remind you that there is a feature always enabled to let you start directly into a track, so that you don't need to go through the menus everytime. Simply launch STK from terminal with

supertuxkart -N -t trackname

where "trackname" is the name of the directory your track is in.

Furthermore, if you encounter problems, make sure to run Supertuxkart from a terminal, there you may be able to see error messages related to your track.

Enabling the debug mode

When STK is closed, open the STK config file.

You can also watch the output in the terminal to see if there is a note on where the config files are stored or search for a file called "config.xml".

Locate the line that reads

   <artist_debug_mode value="false" />

and change it to

   <artist_debug_mode value="true" />


Note: Many of the tools listed below use keyboard bindings. Of course you will need to make sure your keyboard configuration does not assign these keys to something else if you wish to be able to use them.

In-Game Debug Menu

By right clicking somewhere in the STK window, you can open the debug menu. Beside some features only usefull for debugging or other developer tasks, there are also some features just for artist:

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