AI for battle mode

This page is used to collect links and suggestions re a battle mode AI (atm directly taken from IRC):

(08:37:02) Auria: battle mode AI would likely imply making arbitrary (non-directed) drivelines
(08:37:39) hiker: Yes, that shouldn't be that hard
(08:37:42) funto: (and soccer AI..:D)
(08:37:52) hiker: That can come after battle AI ;)
(08:38:02) hiker: First problem to solve would be how to tell the AI where it can drive
(08:38:18) hiker: And defining drivelines manually might be annoying :(
(08:38:36) funto: you know recast?
(08:38:44) funto:
(08:38:54) funto: we use this at work
(08:38:55) hiker: Yes, I've heard of it
(08:38:59) funto: you give a mesh as input
(08:39:09) funto: it voxellizes it, then creates a navigation mesh from it
(08:39:14) hiker: So how does it know which way it can use?
(08:39:22) hiker: I mean, to avoid driving in water or so
(08:39:41) funto: water should not be in the mesh you give as input
(08:40:00) hiker: Ah ok - so it is assumed that you can drive on everything (in the mesh)
(08:40:03) funto: I'm not sure if you can define forbidden zones - I'm not the one working directly with this
(08:40:08) funto: yes
(08:40:14) hiker: I am thinking of tunnels etc.
(08:40:21) hiker: That would require artists to split walls
(08:40:21) funto: and if you give stairs as input, you get a ramp
(08:40:34) hiker: ;)
(08:40:40) funto: but you could solve the problem by manipulating the voxel
(08:41:00) funto: you could fill the voxel with "empty" cells all above the water
(08:41:23) funto: (I'm not sure if it's a distance field voxel or a binary one)
(08:42:12) Auria: not sure if making manual drivelines is really worse than dealing with bogus inferring of where to drive ;)
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